"CLAUDIA" Signature Print/ WINTER 2021


After a year and a half, byVINNIK was finally able to put together a large scale shoot featuring the FW2021 Collection. As a designer, I always name my signature prints after women who inspire me. This one was named after Claudia Chapa, who graciously flew to LA while moving, learning music for an upcoming performance and is in the process of curating a new musical series for Austin Lyric Opera.

I’m so proud to stand alongside these fierce women who really embody the spirit of individuality which is at the heart of everything I create as a designer! You’ll see some past designs revisited and tweaked as I continue to learn daily and hone my craft. It’s been a wild two years and four months since I began this new adventure from opera singer to designer but, like my latest “Claudia” plant inspired print…. WE ARE ALL GROWING!

For this photoshoot, I reached out to Jordan Zobrist, a talented Los Angeles based photographer whom I've collaborated with on a previous occasion. She is  known for her effortless style, creative posing and colorful aesthetic! After shooting NYFW, she hopped on a flight for our full day of fashion in Downtown Los Angeles. While there were UNEXPECTED challenges, this incredible entirely female team rose to the challenge. It was such a pleasure modeling alongside Destiny Hash, Emily Kerrigan and Claudia Chapa (the namesake of this print) between styling each look. Behind the scenes Jessi Torres assisted with literally everything from staging, light diffusing, moral support and so so so much more. Our beauty team, Jeannie Giannone and Katie Grigg brought out the romantic late 60s early 70s vibes with the hair and makeup perfect for these slow fashion looks which are all ethically made in Downtown LA!


"Claudia" Dolman Hi-Lo Top and Aperto Wrap

"Claudia" print


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