The Benefits of Tailoring Clothing


As a fashion designer, I try to design my garments to fit as many body types as possible. As someone with giraffe legs, I've struggled my entire life to find pants that were long enough for me without looking like Steve Urkel. I realize, I do have clients who are 4'9" and 6'4" who love the same pieces. I put seams and use finishes that can be easily modified whenever possible. Maybe you are also like me and wear a different size on top than on bottom? It is very common. Maybe you broke your arm as a child and one is SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the other (I'm talking about myself). YOU ARE PERFECT "AS IS" and don’t let a tag on a garment or something that doesn’t fit perfectly make you feel anything less than gorgeous. Taking your clothes to a tailor for altering is totally normal and has been something humans have done for centuries! Tailors are amazing at refining, revising and reviving your clothes!

1. Tailoring makes it FIT you. Like I said earlier garments "off the rack" are meant to fit a variety of body types. Taking it into a professional will only enhance the look of the garment on your perfect body.

2. Tailoring is an inexpensive way to refresh your wardrobe. Whether making a small modification, mending or a total conversion, you'll realize why you loved the garment and invested in the first place. You won’t need to go buy something to replace it when you already have something fabulous you’ll want to wear over and over again!  

3. Tailoring prolongs your garment's life. Holes, broken zippers, tears and other issues can easily be repaired. I recently brought in a 1930s velvet coat with rotting silk lining to my tailor. Someone in I'm guessing the 1950s shortened it but, I never liked the length. My tailor gave it back to me with slime green lining I picked out and shortened it to the perfect length. I legit started crying and Sebastian was like, "You're welcome but, it's not that big of a deal." Most people would have thrown it away or donated it but, I gave this dilapidated ill fitting piece of fashion treasure another 90+ years of life! 

4. It is sustainable! The most sustainable clothing is what is ALREADY in your closet. If you make them fit or modify them to your current taste, they can last a lifetime or more! If you are ambitious, turn a dress into a jumpsuit! Use the remnants to make trim for another garment. Make a hair accessory to match… I promise I won’t be mad if it is a byVINNIK you are going to enjoy more a different way! If it’s just a matter of sprucing it up… HELL YA! Wear the heck out of it 💋

5. It makes you more confident! Tailoring compliments your body. Pants too short? HEM JOB! Waist too loose....  bring it in. Need something let out... DONE AND DONE! Perfect on bottom but not on top? NIP IT! You’ll notice the difference in your confidence when something is tailored to absolute perfection. Go ahead and mentally say thank you before the compliments come pouring in!

6. Tailoring saves you money in the long run. You won't want to buy new clothes when you have that perfect fitting garment. When you put the extra effort into something that isn't even expensive, you treat it like a commodity. It won’t be disposable as you’ve made it an investment piece. On the flip side, as a consumer I've purchased damaged goods for very little money and brought them to a tailor to not only repair them but improve the overall aesthetic! I've also purchased pieces that were too big when my size wasn't available because I waited too long hoping it would eventually go on sale. As a designer, I’ve transformed sizes that didn’t sell. I’m very proud of the 3X that became a size M. It was $15 well spent because I was able to sell a garment that was lingering on the rack! 

7. Life-Changing! It is true, our clothes often hold memories. After my dad passed away, I kept his favorite sweater. Rather than having it folded on a shelf collecting dust or buried in a drawer, I often wear it after mending it with my tailor and bringing it in slightly! Do you have an outfit that is in your closet that reminds you of a wonderful memory? Taking it to your tailor allows you to not only enjoy those memories but make EVEN BETTER ones the next time you put it on.

8. Improve Appearance. No matter how expensive something was if it doesn't fit you, it won't look good. I’ll fitting or damaged garments look sloppy. It is scientifically proven that when you look good, you feel good. The clothes you wear impact your mood and also allow people to see the beautiful you at your best!

9. Supports a local business. While it is nice to think even made-to-measure garments are going to fit exactly, unless you are in the room with someone, it likely doesn't happen. Heck, when I’m making samples they are rarely perfect on the first try and we’ve made hundreds of pieces with my exact measurements for years. Your tailor can help with pinning the garment and seeing the potential of how the design can be enhanced on your body in the moment. Sometimes it takes multiple revisions for complex designs…it’s totally normal. After you get your clothes back, you can go to bed knowing you supported a skilled professional do something they love. They can go to bed knowing they made your clothes fit you!

10. Tailoring saves you from being humiliated. Nobody enjoys a fashion faux pas or downright FAIL. That small hole could eventually become a HUGE one. Your hook and eye could break and you have to sing a competition worried your top is going to unzip if your ribs expand too much. That little loose seam in the back vent of your skirt can and probably will tear apart if you get into a NYC cab on the way to sing an audition too hastily because you lack time management skills. That ugly Musetta costume you tripped on because it was too long and the waist was way too big is probably going to come off during dress rehearsal when agents are in the house and the conductor teases you mercilessly about those Hello Kitty underwear you wore because you haven’t had time to do laundry. THESE ARE ALL TRUE PERSONAL HORROR STORIES…. Don’t be like me before I discovered the magic of tailors and exceptional seamstresses.

Conclusion.... While we live busy lives, your clothing is important and deserves extra attention if it isn’t giving everything to you. Many of you ask where I get my clothes tailored these days. If you are in Los Angeles, schlep downtown to see Sebastian and his incredible team. I promise, you'll love them! When you call or just show up like I do, tell them Suzanne from byVINNIK sent you.

1040 S. Los Angeles Unit #13
Los Angeles, CA 90015


ALSO... I am awful at writing blogs! I should really hire someone to do this for me.